Monday, August 20, 2012

More Jewelry, Less Cash

It's always fun to pick out the hottest accessories to complete your outfit. Whether it's a statement watch, bright big bracelets, or a delicate necklace, they can add so much to a look! The best is receiving that tiny, baby blue bag filled with that baby blue box from you know where (Tiffany's of course!) and wondering what piece of expensive jewelry is inside. But even though we all love expensive items, there are plenty of adorable and cheap accessories. It seems great to have a orange bracelet that matches perfectly with your floral skirt, but why spend a ton on something you can only wear with one specific outfit? No thank you! Buying cute, cheap accessories and jewelry allow you to buy many items to change up your look (and you just saved some cash). The places to go for this are Forever 21, H&M, and flea markets.

{$5 bracelet at a stand on Santana Row} 

{12 pairs of earrings for $6 at H&M}

Look cute and save money! The best of both worlds :)

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