Wednesday, August 15, 2012

God Love Her

I don't know about you guys, but I love me some country! I can listen to country music all day long and  I jump at any chance I get to go horseback riding (pretty much as county as you can get for a Cali girl). When I was little, I even tried (unsuccessfully) to convince my parents to get me a horse! I love to wear my good-ol' cowgirl boots. And where do you absolutely have to wear cowgirl boots to?! A country concert! As promised yesterday... the place where I wore my hand-made lace shorts to: The Toby Keith concert! I wanted the white lace on the shorts to really pop so I paired it with a white tucked in tube top. And of course, I wore my metallic cowboy boots to complete my country look.

Must-do of the day: check out "God Love Her" by Toby Keith. It's one of my favs that I am definitely always blasting in my car and dancing to in my room!

Some pictures before the concert of my outfit:


  1. you are so adorable!!!!

  2. love your outfit ;)

  3. Make me some lace shorts pleaseeee........