Get to Know the Face of JoJoWerk: Jodie and Jamie Carter 

How did you think to start a blog?
My dad has always told our eldest sister and us to find something we love to do in life. With this advice, I, Jodie, thought to myself, what would I love to do every single day? I immediately thought of fashion. My blog is a fun way for me to express the things I love; whether it is fashion, food, decor, or my favorite travel sights. However, I began asking Jamie for help on editing my posts and it has turned into a partnership!

What else do you do besides blogging?
I take dance, teach dance, and work in the office at Dance Academy USA. I am also a full-time student and volunteer at El Camino Hospital.

How did you come up with the name "JoJoWerk"?
We, Jamie and Jodie, first came up with the name when we were creating a Twitter for Jodie. We messed around with tons of names and eventually realized we loved the name JoJoWerk because it is so unique and spunky. "JoJo" comes from my name, Jodie. We paired "Werk" with "JoJo" because it is something fun my sisters and I say to encourage one another to always strive to do better than our best.

May I use your pictures on my website?
We would be honored! Just please add a link back to our page for copyright purposes.

Contact: jojowerk@gmail.com
Instagram: jojowerk


  1. See you at TOBY KEITH <3

  2. So proud of you Jodes!!!! this is amazing!

  3. Love the name "JoJoWerk"! It is so different and creative!