Monday, March 4, 2013

Dutch Babies

Before you keep reading and think I eat babies... a Dutch Baby is a type of pancake! I fell in love with dutch babies since the first time I went to The Original Pancake house were they sell them. However, that place is usually very crowded and slow so one day I decided to try to make my own dutch baby at home: and it was a success!! Now they are one of my favorite things to make but they do take some time! They also take some practice to be perfect but just keep with it!
Once you have made your delicious dutch baby, make sure to have lemon and powdered sugar with you to put on top!

Tip: I know we all love to try to make recipes more healthy and less calories but do not switch out the four with wheat flour. I tried it and the pancake did not rise like it was supposed to and tasted horrible!

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