Friday, August 10, 2012

Farmer's Delight

One place I would be happy to go to every single day is the farmer's market! Like many towns, each Thursday Downtown Los Altos has a farmer's market with tons of food from vegetables to pizza. I love the farmer's market so much that I always try to squeeze in some time to go! Not only do I love the fresh food, but the environment is serene! From the wide age range of people to the smiles plastered on everyone's faces, it really makes you enjoy life and specifically the summer. The farmer's market is the place to go for fresh, organic food. You just feel better when you buy food here. Even when I come just to browse, I end up leaving with at least one item; okay so I'm a shopaholic! Whose with me?! Here are some of my purchases from yesterday!
{delicious nectarines from CCOF Certified Organic} 

{one bunch of basil- see what it was used for tomorrow}

{bought an eggplant to try a new recipe}

{the yummiest and healthiest pumpkin bread}

{RoliRoti Gourmet Rotisserie's chicken and potatoes- must try the potatoes with the seasoning!}

{bought the Organic Whole Wheat Baguette from Panorama Baking Company}

{my favorite purchase of the day: crisp and sweet grapes from CMC Farms}

 {successful day at the farmer's market}

Check in tomorrow to see what I made out of some of these foods! 

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  1. I too love the farmers market and go religiously every Sat., to get our week's produce. We are so lucky to have such easy access to delicious, organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables right at our fingertips. Looking forward to seeing what you mke with your purchases.