Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dream List


We've probably all made a “Wish List” at some point in our lives, but have you ever made a “Dream List?” It might sound extreme, but I make both! A dream list (a term made up by me thank you very much) consists of things you could only get in your wildest dreams. Literally, ANYTHING can go on your “Dream List;” the crazier the better! If you would want $2000 socks, put them down on your list! But whatever you put on your list must be the perfect style, item, color you want. This list ensures I’m buying the absolute best of an item, because I’m going to throw down the dow, it better be good! I make this “Dream List” so that I buy something that I really want, not just an instant-buy. I always keep this list right by my side when I’m shopping so I can compare items to it. This technique allows you to buy an item you really want, but at a cheaper price. 

Here is my current dream list!

 YSL Tribute Cut-Out Lace-up in Black Leather

Elizabeth and James Katia Shorts on sale for $206.50

Rick Owens 

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