Monday, August 13, 2012

Jean Perfection

{J Brand Jeans: my favorite fit}

One type of shopping I know I absolutely dread (and probably many of you do too!) is jean shopping. There are tons of styles, brands, and colors to chose from, which may seem like a good thing but really it's just exhausting hiking up jeans and shimmying out of countless pairs. It can be a very time-consuming and frustrating process, but readers, do NOT give up! Once you get the right pair it's like magic; you can finally take a deep breath and smile! And it's important you do find that perfect fit. You want to look and feel hot AND be comfortable at the same time. Trust me it's possible and all those desperate hours of searching will be worth it! So to make something that we all have to do less painful I've given you some tips:

1. Bring a friend, sister, mom, or anyone to help you- Someone who is brutally honest will help because they'll tell you what flatters you the most and hopefully they will help hang up the jeans again after you try them on :)
2. Know what you are generally looking for- Don't go to a store thinking, "I need jeans". There are thousands of jeans out there! You should know, "I need a pair of skinny jeans that I can dress up or down," for example.
3. Don't be afraid to try on loads of different styles, cuts, and brands- You won't know what works best for your body until you try it on. Also, once you do it will be easier the next time you go shopping because you will know what brands you like more than others.
4. Shop at big department stores- Places like Nordstrom are great because they have such a wide selection to choose from.
5. It's okay to splurge- Although it's smart to find the cheapest version of an item, I believe in spending more on jeans! Don't be afraid to put down a little extra cash because if you can find a quality pair of jeans you will mostly likely have it for a few years.

So get out there, find that perfect pair of jeans, and don't give up until you do! Remember beauty is pain!

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