Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Rules of Fashion

Although I say there are no technical "rules" for fashion, these are some guidelines I like to follow and it would be good for other people to also!

1. Dress for yourself, no one else.
2. Never wear anything once.
3. The fit of an outfit makes or breaks the outfit.
4. Looser is always better than tighter.
5. Be willing to spend a little more on something nice that you will keep for a while (rather than buying something cheap to save money and wearing it once).
6. Just because an outfit is being strut down the runway doesn't mean it should actually be strut down the streets.
7. Always accent your best quality.
8. Wear something that makes you nervous- take a risk!
9. Dress based upon your mood.
10. Never wear a kitten heal (unless you can really pull it off which 99% of women can't, sorry!).

Do you have any you would add to the list??

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