Saturday, November 17, 2012

Argentina and Uruguay

{The widest street in the world: 9 de Julio} 

I am happy to finally post pictures from my trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. The trip was absolutely amazing. The two cities passed all expectations I had (even though I had little because I did not know what to expect!). The cities were beautiful with many extravagant historical sites. Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious! But I'll be posting about the food on Sunday. :)

 {Argentina is known for its leather- watching a man making the leather products sold in the store}

{The Pink House (Argentina's "White House"}

 {The tango originated from Argentina- picture from our tango show}

 {Beautiful painting that stretches out across a long wall next to the beach in Montevideo}

 {Love the table design}

{Picture taken along the coast in Uruguay during the car ride for the airport to go home} 

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