Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Highlights

What would I give to go to a professional fashion show? Anything! It's one item on my bucket list that I hope to do again and again and again. As most of you probably know, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show was this month and it was as fierce as ever! Even though I wasn't there sitting in the front row as it happens in my dreams, every fashionista loves a quality fashion show! Here are some of my personal highlights from the show, and comment on what you thought of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
FYI: this is for Spring 2013!

{The texture is what draws me in on this dress} 

{What says spring more than bright colors?!}

{could you imagine the pressure??} 


{Love the touch of red}

{backless tops are my favorite}

{something I could see wearing in my everyday life}

{love the combination}

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